Selective colours of happiness in a fish

Tony Etoh

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The Profound Tweets Founder Tony Etoh, combines his machine learning medium of creating animal art with algorithms and artificial intelligence. He describes his art as the "deep effects" exploration of animals in their habitat, an interplay between colours, animals and pure code for the technological advancement of-the-art world. Influenced by his love for animals, artificial Intelligence and the fascination of their integration, he spent his time creating arts that appeal to his advocacy to use art and technology to combat climate change.

He creates his arts using computers running on artificial intelligence, which is driven by robotic code without his external manipulation. His arts are algorithmically formed and based on the styles of some of the most famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh whose paintings can be simulated correctly 1 out of every 999 trials. He put his vast art collections to a venture that create framed tweets that he ships globally to those who find love with quotes on And uses his Profound Tweets to turn every quote into a framed tweet on artworks.

Tony creates artworks autonomously but has also developed pieces for organizations like hospitals and schools, the Royal Aids Foundation, Ultimate Hotels, LaCaso resorts and Alarco hotels. He gave commentaries about contemporary art on AI and lectures special computing courses at the Institute of Transport and Management Technology in Nigeria. He is an art blogger, data scientist, AI art commentator and a code base artist. 

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