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It was late morning, the sun was out and warm, I was walking up Lexington Ave in Manhattan from 79th between Park and Madison Ave to 108th street with a painting under my arm taking it to Édouard an old masters restorer. I was feeling a little nervous yet excited to be carrying this painting because it was estimated around $500,000. The painting was discovered down in the archives of the Getty Museum in LA and had been attributed to an unknown artist.

It was a painting by Francois Boucher a French painter from the 18th century, this particular painting was owned by Napoleon’s mother and I remember thinking at the time if Napoleon had liked the painting or not, had he made comment on it, maybe he even bought it for his mother as a present?

Hi I’m Ross Munro and that was about 30 years ago and it was the moment I fell in love with the art world and especially Old Master paintings. I suppose looking back I was amazed and intrigued by the history and the compositions and the detail fascinated me. Why were they painted and what was going on at the time. In many cases, they were marking an event in time, a date stamp, the photography of the day.

Over the years art has presented itself to me in many ways, from working with my brother in-law in New York and Paris to watching my own mother and mother in-law paint their own compositions.

More recently we were introduced to artsphere. What is artsphere? artsphere is a web platform built specifically for artists and art galleries, it was built by a friend of ours Jeremy who also enjoyed art and all it had to offer. Due to its popularity and time required he was starting to struggle with maintaining the platform and needed help. Luckily Jeremy was working in the next office and being web developers ourselves he would often come to us for advice and help.

Then a few years ago he approached us to see if we would be interested in taking over artsphere and helping maintain it for all the artists still using it. Obviously we said yes as Artsphere is a great platform especially because of its simplicity it offers artists, however with the new technologies becoming available unfortunately it is now starting to date.

We always had a plan to do more with the artsphere platform and after maintaining for the last 2 years it was time to do just that. We wanted to create a community dedicated for artists to help demystify the digital world. After talking with the artists using artsphere we discovered that many of you found the online world confusing and hard to deal with. So our aim is to create an environment that is so easy for you to build your brand, promote you and your art and sell your works online.

Let’s work together and make your life online easier, to start create your FREE artist profile

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We look forward to creating something special with you soon.

If you have any questions about becoming an artsphere subscriber or about how to use your new website, feel free to pop in, call or email us - we're more than happy to have a chat at any time (if popping in, please let us know beforehand).

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