Broken Flowers Can Heal_2019

Tanya J. de Wet

Pure imagination and creatively inspired Art from this South African born, emerging artist living in Western Australia. Her use of explosive colors draw you in

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About me

Creative and Artistic paintings are my passion. I bring life to imaginations and brighten peoples days when they see my art on their walls. 


Artist that created fabulous learning materials that have inspired me are James Gurney, Robert Burridge, Solly Smook and Jannie Jordaan. They have inspired me to develop my own style and be great in my own way. 


As a self-taught and privately trained Artist, I had the best of both worlds. My art teacher and mentor is a South African “Master of the arts”. My “Master” does not want to be in the public eye and requested that I do not share his identity. 

He gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn as much as I can from him. Much like the Old Masters with their Apprentices, I learned everything from him first hand. 

He had a deep relationship with his studio and the mediums and seemed to be part of it himself. When I spent time with him, I learned to make up batches of fresh paint from powders, resins and oils. As each painting called for its’ own palette and medium, creating unique paints, colors and blends was a daily task (all these recipes are secrets of course and I vowed never to reveal them to anyone). When I wasn’t busy making up canvas frames and priming boards, I swept the studio floors. Every now and then I was allowed to carve statuettes from clay and do wood carving in leftover pieces. Something that was calming and entertaining was pouring the hot melted beeswax on pigments and stirring them for hours to reveal the subtle colour of each creation. 

How glorious it all was and how I wished that every artist today could have their hands on as many resources and experience as I was exposed to. Yet, somehow I always wanted to learn more and try more things. It was as if I was addicted to colour and textures and the addiction to it grew into a full time art career. 

These days I do as many courses as I possibly can and continue to learn. Teacher like James Gurney, Robert Burridge, Solly Smook and Jannie Jordaan are willing to reveal their secrets to anyone able to try. Painting every day is still a wonderful practice that I've embrace wholeheartedly. 

My love for all the amazing paint media boosted my creativity into a daily explosion of ideas. My family can attest to the hours and pages I've filled with concepts and ideas and I wonder why I didn't become an Artist earlier in my life. But I digress… Being a Hairstylist for 26 years and a business owner for the past 12 years, lay a good foundation for supporting my art career when the time came along to do so in 2015. I enjoyed every experience and contact that crossed my way as all of life’s elevations guide us to the next stage of our lives.

Art for me, is like creation, it continues to expands into infinity, always striving to become its' own best version.

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