Tanya J. de Wet

Artist, Surface Pattern Designer, Colour Addict & lover of life; bringer of Joy. Art & Design is part of creating a beautiful life worth living in 

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Creative re-imagined Paintings, Vintage Colour palettes & Surface Pattern Designs directly from my Sketchbooks are my best creative outlets. Flowers are my most drawn & painted subject along with a love for imaginary landscapes. I bring life to my creativity by mostly drawing & painting a version of something that inspired me, instead of replicating it precisely. 

I know my work will brighten your days and liven up a room. From Art to Wallpaper Designs & all the beautiful Fabrics, there are options to indulge in (besides, I sew for pleasure & love working with my own fabrics) 

2022 Designs, Collections & Paintings 

These are not available for public viewing, please contact me to receive my updated portfolio

Wellbeing continues to be one of the most important parts of life these days & many have asked for a few sessions with me, therefor I've added dates to the bookings section over on the website. Come paint with me or learn from me in Art Tutoring Sessions in my Home-Studio


2021 Designs, Collections & Paintings

My designs & paintings are captured in my Portfolio. to view more, please contact me to receive my updated portfolio

Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal - Let's indulge in a Sketchbook Journal with my Quotes in. This Sketchbook was created because I regularly add quote or phrases to my Sketchbooks & often share those with my students. This process led to my lovely students prompting me for a Sketchbook with my inspiring words in it. They wanted a place to draw on great quality paper & have a piece of wisdom scattered throughout the Journal... 

And here it is, a Welcome Home Sketchbook Journal to welcome in your Creativity while staying focused & inspired through the pages. 

Enjoy & have a wonderful day xo

Creative Wellbeing as a humanitarian act of kindness

With the pandemic I could retreat to my Studio & painted to my hearts content. Many imaginary landscapes later, a few sketchbooks filled up with watercolours & a new zest for the outdoors, I've decided to add some  "Creative Wellbeing Sessions" to help others heal from the ongoing feelings of stress in our current lifestyles. This also includes a free Sketchbook Retreat anyone can take to recuperate while finding moments of serenity & bliss.  


Make a Wish is actually just one Design that burst into life because of a competition I entered... the rest as they say is history... until I revived it with a fresh colour palette & a few additional elements & turned it into the Artwork for my Sketchbook Lovers Membership. 

Broken & Still Beautiful is a Collection of Colours more than a Collection of Several Designs. Though the elements play well together, it is the Extravagant Colour Palette playing with neutrals that really steered me to developed a set of Designs that capture the story of how two friends, seemingly different, can be there for each other & know everything will be okay.

Lilies @ Casa Blanca is a beautiful collection filled with farmhouse charm & modern accents through a typical serpentine based wallpaper design. The collection can also be viewed on my surface design website,

This is Maggie Collection 

With three colourways it is not easily described in words how versatile this collection is. Mostly based on florals, perfect colour combinations & gardening ideologies. Some of the names are "Scattered Mags", "Around the block",  "Brilliant Roses" and so many more delightful words put together to wake up your own memories of times spent with your Granny. Please visit my Designer website, to see the collection or email me directly, I welcome all collaborations.

Welcome Home Collection 

This Collection was built around my memories of many Easter Weekends together with my Mom, Gran, Sister and my Youngest Daughter as we came together around the creative dining room table at my house. Gathering Four generations of knowledge and insights to refresh our Souls & renew our hearts. The Maggie Set - "Blake Street & "Daisy" is one for my Gran, The Mariaan Set - "Fleur Street" & "Dotty" is for my Mom, The Tanya Set - "16th Avenue" & "Ditsy" is obviously mine and The Amie Set - "Fairy Street" & "Dolly" is dedicated to my Youngest with her wild colour creations & bigger imagination. 

Fabric & Wallpaper collections/designs that are available for licensing "Thin Chillies", "Lace Flowers", "Gorgeous Summer", "My Plaas Hart" & a variety of single non-collection bound pieces.

My Ballpoint Pen Flower Drawing Collection was completed in February 2021 and consists of 6 floral drawings in blue ballpoint pen on 225 gsm Watercolour paper. Each piece took around 20 hours to complete & they are currently unframed & held in my private collection.


Other Projects & Skillshare Classes

"Dip Pen Inking: Create Variation with Sunflowers" is a great class to try if you've been looking to elevate your drawing skills & want to add dip pen & ink work into your creative practice.

"Whimsical Flowers with Unloved Art Supplies" Do you know how much Art Supplies are hoarded & just never used? Tons of it... so I came up with a fun project after noticing my stash was growing out of proportion. In this Class you'll learn to harness those loose brush strokes you learnt in my other class & create gifts for your friends all while saving the world from Unloved Art Supplies 

"Brush Strokes" has everything! From a complete PDF of all my Top Tips for making the most of your brushes to loads of video footage where I demonstrate how to use & experiment with your brushes and finally, how you can take care of them to ensure their longevity.

"Plan Like an Artist" This Class uses a simple Watercolour Palette, a few Vintage Roses and some planning ideas to help you find your way through your next project

"Watercolour & Reiki Flow started as a way for me to use my Reiki Training & Practice to tap into a Creative Connection I felt & Developed. With limited equipment I set out to record my first Skillshare Class & you can find it here I truly believe that everyone can Connect to the Creative Flow available to all of us, willingness to show up is all you need!


2020 Works & Collections

"My Mona" that I decided to keep for myself. I have no idea what I'll do with her, but those colours OMG those colours Inspire me. Stay tuned for updates on it & to see what other paintings I create in this colour palette.

The Pear a month private collection for 2019 was completed in January 2020 & contains 30 acrylic pear paintings. The collection may expand from time to time as I add more works for this collection from newer studies. Although it is a complete collection of Pear's in various colour combinations created during "a year of painting one subject", I enjoyed the process & would love to add to it over time.

10 February 2020 - Private showing in Victoria, Australia for a small group of Art friends 

"An Indigenous floral " 30 cm x 45 cm 

and four works on paper:

"New floral growth #1 of 4", "New floral growth #2 of 4", "New floral growth #3 of 4", "New floral growth #4 of 4" are a set of 4 collectable pieces painted in a limited palette

April 2020

A Floral themed selection of watercolour studies have developed from my studio time. I've not spent this much time in studio since my years as a self-taught student. The additional hours brought a new perspective on my creative endeavours as I embark on Video Classes due to the current conditions. Overcoming new learning strategies through the digital era is as exciting as the prospects of a watercolour floral collection on the horizon.

Sketchbook Blossoms online Workshop

June - August 2020

Online/Distance learning continues as a YouTube channel takes shape 

September 2020 - Abstract Flowers Workshop online Video Course

October - December 2020

Joining up with Skillshare to become an online Educator in my own right with the first 3 classes ready before we concluded a hectic year of learning

Teachers link for a two week Premium Membership Trial

Links to my Classes

-Watercolour & Reiki Flow

-Plan like an Artist

-Brush Strokes

-Flower Paintings with unloved Art Supplies


2019 Works

January 2019 - December 2019: the Pear a month collection 2019 is in progress & I am unable to determine the end date as it will be an ongoing collection. The pear a month collection is not currently available, although a private viewing to be arranged through the Artist.

3-5 October 2019 WJAS Art exhibition and sale: Sorento Surf Lifesaving Club, Perth, WA: 

Paintings I had on display were: "Patio plants", "Strelitzia" and "Bird of paradise"(SOLD) 

3-5 May 2019 WJAS Art exhibition and sale: Sorento Surf Lifesaving Club, Perth, WA:

 Paintings I had on display were: "Yellow flowers", "Drifting" and "First Pear"

5 January 2019 - Current paintings on display in South Africa are:

"Sunset Bay", "Reflection", "Red Sky", "Listen to the music", "Ocean Wave", "Beach Walk"(SOLD) "Blue Rhino"(SOLD)

January 2019: the Pear a month collection started as soon as I was able to pick up a paintbrush after Immigrating to Australia.

March 2019 Joined the Joondalup Wanneroo Art Society in Perth, WA


2015-2018 Works done while living in South Africa

West Coast Art Guild, Paternoster, South Africa: 

After a few classes & hands-on studio experience it was time for me to take on my own practice as I dove into drawing & painting all manner of subjects while feeling particularly drawn to landscapes & floral studies.

Paintings currently on display in the permanent exhibiting space of the Paternoster Hotel are awaiting their new Location organised by Langebaan Womens' League. For more information please contact  Jeanie & Eddie Valley in Langebaan.


Artist that created fabulous learning materials to grow my talents and elevate inner-understanding of the Artwork I create are James Gurney, Robert Burridge, Aaron Blase (Disney fame), Stanley Hundley and Jannie Jordaan. These wonderful Artists broadened my mind and forged a way to develop my style and be great in my own way. 


As a self-taught and privately trained Artist during 2012-2015, I had the best of both worlds. My art teacher and mentor is a South African “Master of the arts”. 

He gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, much like the Old Masters with their Apprentices, I learned everything directly and practically.

He had a deep relationship with his studio and the mediums, they seemed to be part of him, a sort of extension. During our times together, I learned to make up batches of fresh paint from powders, resins, gum mediums and various oils. As each painting called for its’ own palette and medium, creating unique paints, colours and blends was a delicate task (all these recipes are secrets of course and I vowed never to reveal them to anyone). When I wasn’t busy making up canvas frames and priming boards, I swept the studio floors, taking in all the wonderful daily practices. Every now and then I was allowed to shape statuettes from clay and do wood carving in leftover pieces. Something that was calming and entertaining was pouring the hot melted beeswax on pigments and stirring them for hours to reveal the subtle colour of each creation. He didn't use the En-caustic waxes in his own studio, but supplied another Artist friend with his unique blends. 

How glorious it all was and how I wished that every Artist today could have their hands on as many resources and experience as I was exposed to. Yet, somehow I always wanted to learn more and try more things. It was as if I was addicted to colour and textures and the addiction to it grew into a full time Art career. 

These days I do as many courses as I possibly can and continue to learn. I achieved a Therapeutic Art Life Coaching Diploma in 2019 during my stay in Perth, Australia. Continuing my studies to become a professional surface & pattern designer while studying under very talented international surface & pattern designers like Bonnie Christine, Elizabeth Olwen and online mentors. 

Throughout my Art journey I've looked up to teacher like James Gurney, Robert Burridge, Solly Smook and Jannie Jordaan, they are willing to reveal their secrets to anyone able to try. Painting every day is still a wonderful practice that I've embraced wholeheartedly. 

This deep love and appreciation for all the amazing paint media, mediums and endless designs boosted my creativity into an explosion of ideas. Family and friends can attest to the hours and pages I've filled with concepts and ideas and I wonder why I didn't become an Artist earlier in my life. 

But I digress… Being a Hairstylist for 20+ years and a business owner for as many, all contributed to laying a good foundation for my Art career when the time came along to do so in 2015. I enjoyed every experience and contact that crossed my way as all of life’s elevations guide us to the next stage of our lives.

Art for me, is like creation, it continues to expands into infinity, always striving to become its' own best version.


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