Shay Holloway

I create original canvas paintings, paper prints, and canvas print wall art that spans across various styles, mediums, and subject matter. 

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Shay Holloway is a self taught acrylic artist with a love of color. She creates art that spans across various styles, mediums, and subject matter. The psychology of colors plays a big roll in how she approaches and utilizes colors in her work.

Her signature collection is an ongoing series of galaxies titled “Pure Potential”. As a series, “Pure Potential” was inspired by the notion that everything that exists in the physical world was once just pure energy with the potential to become something. She feels as though tapping into her creative energy enables her to learn more about herself her relationship to the world.

Shay is passionate about not limiting her creative expression. She believes that it’s a gift to be able to harness the magic of creative energy in her professional and everyday life and translate that magic into art that speaks to others. Through her artistic career her intent is to inspire others to stay curious, adventurous, and open to the expression of their own creative energy in more ways than one.

Her ever-evolving work and career is a testament to the way that she experiences life—as a continuous unfolding of creative wonder and experimentation.

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