Memoria - Grey Matter 2015 by Sharyn Dingeldei
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Sharyn Dingeldei

Key inspiration for my work is the observation of the ‘family of nature’ or the ‘nature of families’.

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I liken the ‘seed’ of each new idea as being the ‘embryo’ on which to build a story that grows - one that can be manipulated. The development of swollen pod forms expressing the concept of support, love and care coupled with using the tactile clay element was an awakening moment in 2010. 

I made a greater shift from the ’literal’ to the ‘implied’ or ‘suggested’ early in my year long project to produce ‘Dura Mater’ in 2012. It changed my arts practice. I found myself thinking more organically and reflectively, labouring with each process, making the many small elements, choosing body and glaze colours then decal memories to finish the work. 

I have become totally enthralled with my desire to create evocative works. 

I have been selected as a finalist in the Manningham Ceramics Award in 2011 and most recently, the Clunes Ceramic Award 2013, and the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery indoor outdoor sculpture exhibition 2013.

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