Jumeaux #9 by Sarah Robson
Corner composition #5

Sarah Robson

Sarah Robson has been a practicing artist for the last three decades, exhibiting in Australia and Germany.

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Her practice has evolved from non-representational painting into geometric, three- dimensional works—formally reductive, constructive and non-objective—a post-minimalist practice encompassing both two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based works. 

Sarah Robson employs the series as a method of enquiry into the correlation of concrete elements, abstract concepts, the temporal and the experiential. She is currently undertaking a PHD at RMIT, Melbourne to continue her investigations into the interrelationships of these factors. Systems Theory, as evidenced in biological systems, has provided the opportunity to recontextualise her understanding of materials, boundaries, the spatial, and the temporal—questioning the very notion of independence. This investigation continues to direct her practice/research and aims to challenge the autonomy of the ‘specific,’ non-objective artwork, in order to reposition it and the artistic process in an organic, systemic—relational construct. Her most recent body of work employs industrial felt to construct a vocabulary of forms that do not have a fixed mode of display instead exploring the performative and dynamic aspect of an evolving ‘site of enquiry’ to impel conversations around the role of object-based artworks in a post-object, digital world. 

Sarah Robson has been awarded several major public commissions and is represented in public and private collections in Australia, Europe and South America. She recently completed a Master of Cross- Disciplinary Art & Design and a Master of Philosophy, researching creativity and the creative processes of artists. Sarah Robson is a mother of three children and believes strongly in the value of art as an essential intellectual and emotional resource. Art’s unique ability to give meaning, and to reveal meaning, contributes to an individual’s quality of experience and society’s values. These fundamental needs inform the discursive, dynamic and performative aspects of her practice.


2017 Ongoing – 2020, Doctor of Philosophy, RMIT, Melbourne, 
2015 Master of Philosophy, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney 
2013 Master of Cross-Disciplinary Art + Design, COFA, Sydney 
1984 Diploma of Visual Arts, Canberra School of Art, Canberra

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