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Since obtaining her degree in Visual Art from Queensland University of Technology in 2015, Brisbane-native Sarah Portrait has become a beacon in the Sydney art scene. Her studio in Newtown serves as a vibrant workshop, where the synthesis of her love for animals and a keen eye for photography is beautifully brought to life in pet portrait art.

Specialising in pet portraits, Sarah has a unique ability to capture the distinctive characteristics and personality of every pet she portrays. Whether it's a canvas oil painting capturing the dynamic energy of a Border Collie, a delicate pencil sketch of a sleepy Persian cat, or a digital image of a feisty parrot transformed into a custom phone case, her work consistently delights pet owners nationwide.

Her solo exhibition debut, "Animal Kingdom," showcased her mastery in creating pet portraits. This exhibition, held in 2019 at Darlinghurst Art Gallery in Sydney, allowed her to share her remarkable talent and passion with the public.

Due to unforeseen delays and lockdowns, Sarah's eagerly awaited 2022 exhibit at Macquarie Point Art Centre was postponed from June to November. Nevertheless, when it finally opened, the exhibit featured an impressive array of pet portraits, spanning various mediums and styles, garnering praise from critics and audiences alike.

In 2023, Sarah's proficiency in pet portraiture earned her a spot on the shortlist in the Emerging Artist category of the esteemed Bennelong Art Prize.

Sarah's pet portraits have adorned the walls of many prestigious venues, including the Carriageworks Art Centre, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, and the Australian Art Fair. She has been a regular participant at the Chippendale Belle Arti Prize exhibition and her work has featured in numerous university showcases.

Before setting her heart on pet portraiture, Sarah pursued a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) at the University of Queensland. Her prior experience includes working as a visual effects artist for various television productions and as a creative consultant in the events industry. These experiences continue to shape her artistic perspective, imbuing a distinct depth and richness to each pet portrait she creates.

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