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Pete Moyes

Digital Art, Photography & Painting 

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No Box Art

When people tell you to think outside the box, my reply is: “there is no box, in life as well as art the imagination is limitless”.

From the canyons of my mind

Where art is concerned, I feel that the true artists are the innovators, those who experiment with materials and techniques as well as styles and evolving technology.

I have been interested in art and photography since my early school-days, always experimenting and trying out new things, never accepting ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘it is done this way’ and trying something new.

Most of my artwork is created using a combination of photography and digital manipulation, using various programs and techniques that I have developed over time by experimentation to create the abstract images that are increasingly being used as album/CD cover work, as well as wall art, available on canvas, archive print and for digital display.

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