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Karalynn Thomas

I'm a Graphic Designer in Northern Virginia, specializing in character and logo design.

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About me

My name is Karalynn Thomas and I am a 26 year old graphic designer based in Northern Virginia. After gradating with a major in Studio Art at Randolph-Macon College I began expanding my talents while working independently on a commission basis. I have a specific digital focus in programs like Sai and Photoshop while primarily using graphite and ink for my traditional works.

Beyond my work I have a passion for theatre and debate. I took part in five productions during my college career as both an actress and set maker. I also graduated with a minor in Asian Studies with a specific focus in Japanese and am currently expanding my knowledge of the language with aspiration to work abroad in the future.

At this time I am aiming for a career as a graphic designer and am hoping to expand my talents in and out of the workplace. 


"You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love." - Warsan Shire

The visualization of the strange and abnormal has always been an inspiration to me. Its is a call to view the world for more then we see it and do our best to represent this strangeness in a way that we can grasp. To show beauty in a creature beyond our comprehension or show the intricacies in the way a single drop causes ripples on the water, I seek to replicate this otherworldly feeling by capturing the beauty in what we can not normally see.


Bachelors in Studio Art from Randolph-Macon College

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