Walking with Claude by Julie Podstolski
photo in Cockburn Gazette Aug 2012

Julie Podstolski

What the eye sees, the hand draws – life celebrated in coloured pencil.

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About me

I studied painting at University of Canterbury, New Zealand - 1978-1980.  In 1994 I began to experiment with coloured pencils.  That year, when I had my youngest daughter, I found that oil painting plus a baby's demands didn't sit well together.  I needed a more convenient medium to work with.  The answer to my requirements came in a tin of coloured pencils. I discovered that I liked drawing with coloured pencils more than painting with oils.  So after several years alternating between painting and drawing, in 2002 I gave up oils in order to work exclusively with pencils. I have a well established art career, holding solo exhibitions every year or two in Perth, Western Australia. The most recent exhibitions have been : "Remember Paris"  2018, "Entranced"  2017, "Fascination:  Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto" 2016, "Life is Beautiful" 2014, "Paris en hiver" 2012, "Geisha: The Allure of Mystique"  2010.  Since 2013 I have been the author of a blog:  https://juliepodstolski.wordpress.com  
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