Julia with Like a Dream II

Julia Carter

When I paint, I believe that the passion, the happiness and the joy I feel for life flow into my work and radiate outward to the viewer, making a positive connection wherever it is needed. Artist - Julia Carter

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As a child I always enjoyed creativity, but it wasn’t until I began to paint following an accident that I realised it was something I wanted and needed to do forever. My heart was home. 

My painting journey so far has been a wild adventure; exciting, demanding, exhausting and incredibly rewarding, with lots of surprises along the way! From an international show in an Italian medieval castle, speaking on a New York panel of successful artists to having my work hung in the Foyer of the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. I am so thankful. I wake up each day full of gratitude and excitement for what each day may bring. 

I know that my learning of art is a lifelong practice and I look forward to always evolving and growing. It is my special gift and I would like to use it in the best way I can, and I trust the Universe will show me the way. 

It is my vision to make the greatest contribution to the world possible through my art. 

I believe in magic and miracles, the law of attraction, the power of positivity and love, the importance of inner peace and that we all have a unique light to shine.      

This is what I celebrate in paint…." 


Julia's paintings overflow with optimism, energy and a sense of celebration; such is her attitude to life. Enjoying an experimental approach, she captures the natural world in breath-taking form weaving together textures, symbols and vibrant colour. "I see the connections in Nature and our own experiences, and love to explore the power of synchronicity and our individual purpose. My paintings are landscapes of the soul." 

Born in England, Julia received an Honours degree in Sculpture and Literature, from the University of Liverpool in 1989 specialising in decorative arts, alluding to the rich textural quality seen in her paintings today. In 2002 an accident whilst teaching, became the catalyst for Julia's emersion in visual arts.  

Each canvas is layered with a carefully modelled surface, incised, and imprinted with significant motifs, building an integral foundation to the complexity of the composition. Jeweled-like embellishment is meticulously applied highlighting the precious and shimmering quality of the subject. 

In November 2010 Julia was invited to take part in the International Creative Energy Exhibition, Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy. The artistic committee cited “vitality, experimentation, multicoloured yet harmonious pattern, freedom of thought, purity of expression and, above all, the creative energy of life,” as reasons for their selection. The prestigious exhibition has opened many international opportunities for an exciting and rapidly growing artistic future. Since then Julia has exhibited in London, Paris, Vienna, Hong Kong and New York also with resounding success. Her work is held in private and corporate collections around the world.


BA (Hons) degree Sculpture and Literature, University of Liverpool, England  
Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) Queensland University of Technology

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