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Jesna Jamal is a contemporary self-taught artist who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. She was born and raised in Kerala, India. Her distinctive personal style radiates joy and peace and conveys the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the surrounding culture.

The artist is competent in several different mediums and art forms which include art with natural materials, sculpture, and acrylics. You can find her art in numerous private collections and businesses. Her art reflects her interest in social life and culture. She juxtaposes elements of reality with surrealism using paint and digital art. Her recurring compositions convey feelings of eccentricity with elements of surprise.

Jesna’s exhibitions include

  • Solo show “Elements” at Durbar Hall Art Gallery at Ernakulam, Kerala (2021)
  • Solo exhibition named “Prey” at Suthra Art Gallery, Kerala (2020)
  • Solo show at Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore (2019)
  • Group show at Art Spice Gallery, Delhi (2019)
  • Group show at Alice Art Gallery, South Africa (2018)
  • Group show at Sabah Art Gallery, Malaysia (2017)


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