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Like many artists, I've always tried to stay ahead of the curve, constantly pushing the boundaries of my art, and have gained some recognition as fresh and contemporary. This is what some people today say about what I created more than 20 years ago. 

My artistic career has taken many twists and turns that might seem torturous, even for a self-taught artist like myself. My life adventure began as a sign painter and soon was making a living as a commercial artist for Naegele Outdoor Advertising Company. I acquired many artistic titles in my career such as sign painter/pictorial artist, architectural designer and eventually art director. Although these titles sound a bit prestigious in the art industry I found myself yearning for more of a simple life. 

A new adventure. 

This new chapter came as a stint living close to nature, and not much else, way up in the Finland State Forest near the Minnesota/Canadian border. 

Wanting to resume my artistic quest, I eventually left the minimalist life and returned to Minneapolis. I continued to try to fulfill my artistic creativity as a painter, musician, free lance graphic designer, and art director for multiple advertising agencies. I later designed ad campaigns and learning modules, for Carlson Learning Company whose clients included Mitsubishi Automotive, National Westminster Bank of New York, and Mary Kay Cosmetics. 

In the early 90s, I realized I needed to follow my true artistic calling and work exclusively on my original fine art and writing projects. 

Pursuing my dream as an artist and author ultimately lead me to Los Angeles, California; there I made a living selling prints of my original works on Venice Beach until the market for the original paintings themselves began to take off. The West Coast odyssey was inevitable, and my focus became stronger and stronger toward a desire to relate a message to the world about the great human ability to dream and grow. This move brought me some acclaim and great personal satisfaction. 

My artwork can be found in private collections in California, New York, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Australia, and New Zealand and many other states and countries around the world.

If you would like more information on the pieces displayed above, contact me or check out my Behance profile under "Social Icons". 

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