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I was born in Venezuela, and always loved the design, the techniques of paintings, colours, and classical art.In 1997.I settled in Italy where I learned and explored artistic techniques with art masters such as Bruno Gorlato, Mario Bresciani and John Picking. My Art themes found inspiration where classic style meets intimacy and life reflection. She has explored techniques such as acrylics, oil, watercolour, murals, plaster and frescoes. 


My art language is figurative. The human form is the hero on my artworks, expressionism is present in some of them. I could say my paintings are tending to be Romanticism and Intimism styles. Even if I started to paint many years ago, the most representative artworks were painted in Canberra, between 2015 and 2017. The key inspiration was the loneliness and the adjustment that I felt as an immigrant who had to face new environments. The conscious of time passing, the wait to start a new life. One of my paintings is dedicated to my father's memory, he was also an immigrant, I never understood why he was a lonely and absent man until I experienced his feeling of emigrating to Italy and then Australia. I was chasing a dream while difficult experiences were running after me, trapping me there, as I cannot leave, confused and stuck in a peculiar destiny. These are the meaning that I would like to convey to the spectators. 


2007- Diploma of Building Design – Canberra, Australia. 2003 I have archieved Master Conservation of Fine Art and Art Restoration - Italy1997 a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art -  VenezuelaArt.  Exhibitions2019 - Collective, BARK Exhibition at Gold Creek Station - Hall, Australia Capital Territory2016 - Collective ‘Day of the Dead Art Exhibition’ at Ainslie Art Centre - ACT2014 - Lo Sbarazzo di Rovato - Italia2013 - Oratorio di Erbusco (Erbusco) Italia2013 - Chiesa S. Pietro Lamosa (Cazzago) Italia2012 - .Palazzo Sonzogni (Brescia) Italia.2012 - Casa Del Pittore (Chiari) ItaliaPublication Il Giornale di Chiari (Brescia-Italia)"Successo per la mostra nella casa del Pittore"September 2012


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