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Artist & Bookmaker Dianne Keast: 

Dianne is a self-taught artist from Montana, USA.

Her artwork is created with a focus on nature, animals, spirituality & mystery. She always been interested in the natural world, and spiritual mysteries, my artwork reflects that. 

She comes from a family dedicated to community service, her family was stationed on the Native American Reservations of Oregon, Idaho and Montana.For most of her life she too worked in the community service field.

Her family finds it's roots in Cornwall, Ireland and France. Many members of the Keast family are artists and musicians including her sibling David Keast & cousins James P. Keast, Perter and Cathy Keast.

Her art is deeply influenced by her connection to the natural world and the mythologies of Native America and the Celtic tribes of Europe. She draws inspiration from the mountains and forests of the North Western United States.

You can find many of her creations featured in her coloring books as well as other works by simply searching for our name on Amazon.

She creates digital works, sketches, paintings, sculptures, upcycled steampunk jewelry boxes and jewelry from old bike parts and more.

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