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I happily promote myself as a self taught seascape and landscape painter. I favour creating medium to larger artwork in professional quality oil paints on stretched canvas. Yet also enjoy smaller watercolor seascapes, landscapes and abstract paintings. I enjoy variety, so diversify my paintings, so that my passion never tires.

I recognize the added value to each artwork that an elegant frame provides, each creation is put up for sale with an external frame. The oil paintings are indeed ready to hang and the watercolor paintings include a stand.

I value my unique style and strive to display my uniqueness in each creation. I continue to learn from contemporary artists and the masters. As I believe it is only from continual study and creation that my personal growth is possible. 

I truly believe that my artwork is valuable with its own individual style, creating its own niche market. I have tried selling through my own website, unsuccessfully.

I welcome the opportunity now to sell through this online art gallery.

I never tire of venturing into the great outdoors. Especially, strolling along a deserted beach, either at sunset or at the end of another glorious day. My amazement of the stories that mother nature tells me inspires me to put brush to canvas/paper. I truly believe that Australia's unique beauty speaks to us all. I hope to pass these inspirational emotions on to potential collectors by creating artwork that displays Australia's beauty capturing a moment in time and an amazing location.

I have travelled to many of the locations in my artwork, so the emotions are captured on canvas in oil paints and on paper in watercolor paints.


Thanks, Diane Markey.

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