Mixed Media Assemblage Art - Chasing Curiosity - Chrissy LoRicco (14)
5x7 Chrissy LoRicco - Wallknots Macrame - 31-05-19 - Jo Wade (2)

Chrissy LoRicco

Redefining mum life.   Chrissy LoRicco is a busy mum, business owner, photographer, fibre artist and full time student studying a Diploma in Visual Arts, Colac

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About me

2020/2021 - Currently studying and completing a Diploma of Visual Arts at South West TAFE.

Current Exhibitions
*The F Project Art Gallery. 6th - 22nd November 2020
Virtual exhibition viewed at www.thefproject.org.au
SWTAFE Diploma of Visual Arts Colac Textile Students
Gallery hours: Friday to Sunday from 10am - 4pm located at 224 Timor Street Warrnambool.

Title of Artwork:  Linton Wings
Medium: Rope knotting and metal art
Materials: 100% Australian cotton, Recycled cotton, Aluminum, Black Steel
Dimensions: 2700mm tall x 900mm

There is a tenuous relationship between life and death. During the evening of 2 December 1998 two CFA tankers became trapped by fire. One successfully took survival action. The other was lost, engulfed and destroyed.
Five volunteer firefighters died in their fire truck in the Linton bushfire in Victoria 22 years ago, lives were changed forever. The story of these brave angels is weaved into the wings, honoring my brother, one of five Geelong West firefighters who died after becoming entrapped by a wildfire after a change in wind direction on 2 December 1998.
*CrossXpollinatioN Adaptation Life - Currently on Display at The F Project Gallery, Warrnambool.

Name of works:  Rock Stars
David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse.
Medium:  Machine Stitch Embroided Applique.
Materials: Up-cycled/repurposed fabrics with a focus on sustainability, reducing textile waste to create art.  
Dimensions: 1500mm long x 95mm high
Sale Price:  Not For Sale

Music gives me life, my soundtrack is wildly varied.  Learning to sew and listening to their music, inspired me to create intuitively and channel my mood into bringing to life a series of Machine Embroidered portraits that documents and celebrates the most famous, flamboyant and larger than life greats of our music history.  To this day their iconic status captures their image, style and stage presence, forever unique and instantly recognisable. Their music plays on long into decades and generations to come.  Chrissy's first experience using a sewing machine was in September 2019.
*CrossXpollinatioN Adaptation Life - Currently on Display at The F Project Gallery, Warrnambool.

Name of Works: Otway Dreaming
Installation work responding to the theme: life by SWTAFE Diploma of Visual Arts Colac Students.
Installation space: “Glass” space at South West TAFE Colac Campus
Medium: Papercutting techniques, paper construction; folding, origami (minimal waste project)
Materials:  Heavyweight Brown Kraft Paper
Otway Dreaming is a collaboration made entirely of brown paper using paper cutting and paper construction techniques by Diploma of Visual Arts students: Angela Baldwin, Heather Barker, Jenny Grenfell, Chrissy LoRicco, Janet McGaw and Jan Virgo.
The students created the work as part of their collaborative unit during term 3. They commenced the project while still undertaking virtual remote learning classes.  Each student creating individual elements while working at home.  The completed works all came together in the final installation.


Artist Profile
Chrissy LoRicco is a busy mum, a business owner, a photographer and a fibre artist.  Chrissy is also currently studying a Diploma of Visual Arts Textiles at South West Tafe after successfully completing a Certificate III in Visual Arts in 2019.

Chrissy is inspired by modern contemporary artists and historical textile artists.  Chrissy's work is constantly evolving, she is a very keen learner who enjoys experimenting and finding new methods, applications, materials, techniques and mixing mediums with unconventional ways to incorporate and compliment her own arts practice.   Chrissy's passion for art comes from her love of music, photography, designing, making and wanting to live a creative life.  You can often find Chrissy in her home studio creating art, listening to her vinyl records or blasting songs from her teenage bedroom playlist on Spotify.  Chrissy's creative efforts have generated a favorable response from friends, family, interior stylists and buyers across the internet all keen for a piece of her work. 

Chrissy enjoys participating in group collaborations with other local artists and loves the opportunity of learning new skills and working in a team to successfully complete and achieve the design brief, meet group collaboration goals and produce elements, working individually and as part of a team that contributes to the overall installation.

Chrissy was intrigued by the versatility in the art form of macrame, using knots to create art and was inspired to begin expressing herself as a creative artist using rope as a medium.  After mastering knotting, Chrissy turned her therapeutic hobby into a business, WallKnots Macrame Co, a local fibre arts business based in Colac, Victoria.  It has given Chrissy the creative confidence and the opportunity to host a number of macrame workshops in the local community and working in collaboration with local small businesses.  The biggest highlight was being asked to host macrame workshops as a featured textile artist at the 2019 CrossXpollinatioN, fibre and textile art exhibition by the Colac Otway Shire and funded by Creative Victoria.  WallKnots Macrame Co, specialises in creating bespoke, modern, on-trend products that enrich our spaces and pushes macrame into the future by producing textured and tactile pieces using 100% Australian cotton and ethically sourced recycled cotton.  

Chrissy is looking forward to the new challenges ahead of her in 2021, as she juggles creating more art and pushing herself outside her comfort zone, balancing fulltime education with being a full-time mum and managing a full-time engineering business with my husband Travis.  

2018 Certificate III in Visual Arts at South West TAFE - Colac 
2019 Certificate III in Visual Arts at South West TAFE - Colac
2020 Diploma of Visual Arts at Sout West TAFE - Colac (Currently Studying)

Awards and Grants
2020 Winner of the CrossXpollinatioN Adaptation Life Art Prize Award - Linton Wings
2019 South West Tafe scholarship recipient
2018 South West Tafe scholarship recipient

Group & Selected Exhibitions
2020 Braided Diploma Exhibition, The F Project Art Gallery Warrnambool, www.thefproject.org.au
2020 CrossXpollinatioN Adaption Life, COPPAC Colac - Adapted online form due to Covid19
2020 Warm Safe Home Project Collaboration with Becky Nevin Berger - Community Art Project.
2019 Fabrication at Studio 92 Colac.
2019 Art Walk on Murray, Displayed at Choices Flooring, Colac Otway Arts Trail.
2019 Bugs at South West TAFE - Warrnambool.
2019 CrossXpollinatioN Connections, COPPAC Colac.
2018 26 Wednesdays, Studio 92 Colac.
2018 CrossXpollinatioN Journeys, Student Sensorium, COPPAC Colac.
2018 Jean Pool at RRRTAG Red Rock Regional Theater & Gallery. 
2018 Women's Work collaboration piece incorporated into work by Laurene Dietrich.
Group student collaboration piece with Cert III South West TAFE.  Boro inspired reclaimed denim. 

2020 - June Embellish Magazine - Issue 42, Print and Digital 

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