Bike 3
Bike 3

Cee Kay

Hello, I’m Cee Kay. I have fallen in love with creating great pieces of art through the medium of photography/ digital art/Graphic Art. My artwork is unique

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I'am a new artist and I live on the far South Coast of Australia. I fell into Digital/Graphic art and Photography this year 2019 all by accident, I found by experimenting with different mediums/software and camera I found I loved what I do, I also proud of what I have achieved and I hope you all love my artwork as much as I do.


What inspired me the most about what I do is the way I can create a wide range of subjects by using bright, vibrant colours and everything from Abstract to landscapes, Seascapes, Flowers in fact if I see a print or photograph I like I use my software to create something all together different this inspires me to create new work everyday.

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