Carmel Cosgrove

displacement and connection - video installation-projection-papercutting-collage-photography-lightboxes-mixed media

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For the last twenty years Carmel has been fascinated with psychogeography and the emotional displacement within her own neighbourhood and the central Australian landscape.  Carmel's work explores how different locations and it's cultural changes can effect a persons behaviour and emotions.

Carmel's early video installations and recently revisited, investigate public and private spatial relationships between site and viewer within her own neighbourhood.  A hand held camera takes you on a silent journey down sleepy, deserted streets and laneways, walking down hallways through empty houses and watching a private family occasion unfold in their backyard.

In recent years Carmel has ventured to Larapinta, Flinders, Gammon Ranges and Lord Howe Island.  Shifting between her own suburban landscape to an overwhelming central Australian landscape Carmel's work portrays an interpretation of connection with the land.  She deliberately changes the landscape by placing familiar objects into the landscape and juxtaposes different mediums to help understand the cultural and emotional effects.

Carmel is a multidisciplinary artist who experiments with different mediums.  Indoor and outdoor light boxes, acrylic, plexiglass, paper cutting, collage, mixed media, painting, drawing, projection, video installation and photography.

Carmel has exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.  Her work has been shown at Citylights Hosier Lane, The Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Big West Festival, Hobson's Bay City Council's Art in Public Places and Maribyrnong Artists and Makers Open Studios.  In 2006 Carmel was the overall winner of the Tattersall's Contemporary Art Prize for her video installation 'Disquiet' and in 2015 and 2017 winner of the multi-media art prize at Albert Park College.  She has been a finalist in the Gallipoli Art Prize in 2016, 2017 and 2021 and a finalist in the John Leslie Art Prize in 2006.


2000        Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts (Honours), First Class Honours, RMIT University, Melbourne
​1997 – 99 Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts, RMIT University, Melbourne


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