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Carla Dos Santos

Hi! I am Carla dos Santos and I am an Intuitive and Visual Artist.  

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Hi! I am Carla dos Santos and I am an Intuitive and Visual Artist.

I use Art and Spirituality as one meaning that, for me, Art is a tool to express myself and to heal traumas and fears.

 Besides having Sacred Geometry all around us, Colors have a direct influence to our mood and behavior. With this knowledge I develop some creative exercises to explore our emotions and use this process to reconnect with ourselves. This gave me also the skill to understand which colors to use to shift our mood.

 To use Art in a Conscious way is needed an 1:1 work between the me and the buyer, besides all the commitment and faith of the person that will get the Final Artwork.

 As a creative and spiritual being, I know exactly the importance of Sex in human lives. Sex energy is the same as Creative energy. They are in the same frequency (how cool is that?) The color, the vibrations and the effect on us are the same. So it is True for me when I say that "Art and Sex are the same thing!".

 Living in a society that can't find balance in this creative/sexual vibration, I feel also the need to bring that to my Art in order to help others see sex as I see it: Love in motion and creation.

 I love all types of Art, because all of them are important for our body and spirit well-being, but I use digital painting and drawing as my favorite mediums.

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