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Camilla Grace Vascon

Contemporary mixed media artist creating textural paintings which celebrate the natural environment.

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About me

My works are an invitation to ponder and question one’s connection to nature.

My name is Camilla Grace, I am a mixed media artist that has dedicated over three decades to the creation of art. My artistic practice emerges from a lifelong fascination with the natural world, the subtle details of everyday life and an innate drive to constantly engage with the artistic process.

I began drawing and painting rocks, trees, and mountains from a young age. I also spent countless hours in my father’s workshop watching him create out of wood, this fostered a desire to experiment, and a love of things made meticulously by hand. Later graduating with a major in painting from the University of Melbourne I spent many years exploring the possibilities of how various media might come together.

My current work challenges the artistic norms of artwork falling within a singular discipline, and questions, “What constitutes a painting?”

Through my investigation and process, I have integrated painting, sculpture and photography to craft works that blur the boundaries between painting, photography and sculpture. These sculptural assembled forms thus exist as a fusion, a visual narrative where the organic, the textured and the digital coexist and interact.

​​’These constructs, exploring landscape, time, memory, and connection, are a fusion of texture and imagery, an ode to nature, a sensitive look at the details of our environment one might otherwise miss.’

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