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Cally Lotz

My work uses still life painting, symbolic motifs and an analytical painting method to explore interiority and personal psychology. 

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Cally Lotz



2019     MFA (Higher Distinction) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT

2009     BVA (Hons) University of South Africa UNISA Pretoria


2020          Stiff Upper Lip March 17 FortyFiveDownstairs Melbourne (postponed)

2019/20     Night Bottles RMIT Art Intersect Lightbox Melbourne

2018         Restrain West End Art Space Melbourne

2017         Contain Alternating Current Art Space Melbourne

2015         Simply There Birds Gallery Melbourne

2009        Apocalypse artSpace Gallery Durban


2020     Nino Sanciolo Art Prize finalists 8 April Elysium Gallery (postponed)

2018     Behind the Curtain YSG Yarra Sculpture Gallery Melbourne

2018     One Night Stand: Aberration The Burrow Melbourne

2015     St Vincent’s Artists in Residence Exhibition Melbourne

2013     Nouvelle Birds Gallery Melbourne

2011      Migration artSpace Gallery Durban

2010      Sasol New Signatures Pretoria Art Museum Pretoria

2010      The Landscape: Unity and Diversity CEWAC Hyderabad

2010      Johannesburg Art Fair, Break exhibited by UNISA South Africa

2009     ALPOA artSpace Gallery Berlin Germany

2008     Start art award exhibition KZNSA Gallery Durban


2019 – 2020  Sandbox Studios Melbourne

2017     A.I.R. Vallauris Cote d’Azur

2016      Cambridge Studio Gallery Melbourne

2014 – 2015 St. Vincent’s Residency Caritas Christie Melbourne           


2020     Shortlisted for Nino Sanciolo Art Award (result postponed)

2020    Finalist in Lethbridge Art Competition

2019/2020 One year studio residency Sandbox Studios Melbourne

2018       Finalist in Eutick Memorial Still Life Award EMSLA

2014/15/16 Finalist in Who is looking at You Melbourne

2010       Finalist in Sasol New Signatures South Africa

2008     Finalist in Nivea Start art award South Africa


St Vincent’s Melbourne

University of South Africa UNISA Pretoria

AIR Vallauris Cote d’Azur

Sasol Johannesburg



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