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Emerging artist, Bridget Bradley is an artistic empath who paints intuitively. Predominantly self-taught, Bridget paints with a passion in acrylics on canvas. Bridget, loves a touch of alchemy by merging her feelings and energy into her strokes, paint and layers to share her voice within the artwork. Her style is abstract expressionism with an emphasis on vibrant palettes, unique colour combinations, blending techniques and thick impasto layers that make her paintings pop. 

“While I don’t follow any one artist, I admire the works of Jackson Pollock. My style is unstructured, with a splash of the urban, graffiti and street art. It is my hope that my paintings to evoke positive emotions, inspire new perspectives, profound thought and genuine conversation", says Bridget.

This year, Bridget has won a few international art awards. She has created a body of work, 'The Brain Series (2021)' and is currently working on a new body of work. Bridget is New Zealand born, Australia based. She is a member of the NRAAA.

Current Exhibitions

July 2021          Light Space & Time Gallery “555 Special Art Exhibition”    Palm Springs, CA, USA

July 2021          Light Space & Time Gallery “Landscapes Art Exhibition”   Palm Springs, CA, USA




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