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Ashley Gray

Ashley Gray -Human- (1986, London, United Kingdom) 

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About me

My work can be found online. FB has main pages.

My work has been featured on cgsocitey and creative pool (2011 & 2019), a masters graduate, showcased Virgin media festival artist and top 25 veteran (creative pool and graphicker 3 and 5 years) etc.

My work is best explained, by someone else: With a conceptual approach, he likes to involve the viewer in his art and believes in the idea of  the viewer taking away a thought or emotion captured within his work. He tries to create works in which the actual event still has to take place or just has ended: a single moments evocative of atmosphere realization and within himself a slight despair.
(artFix london)

I have been doing Digital art indipendently for about 6ish years and have many works in many places, what makes me different to other 3d artists is the artist bit, its more artist 3d, what makes me as popular as I seem to be? only people know that.

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