Arty Vicky

Arty Vicky lives in New Zealand and works in acrylic paint and 3D assemblage and sculpture

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About me

I love to explore unusual materials for my art. I am more likely to be seen shopping in a hardware shop, rather than an art supplies shop. Many of my pieces can survive outdoor conditions, including my portable murals and some of my sculptures.I love to paint on fabric and sometimes I make my paintings into shoulder bags. I am also fascinated by driftwood. Every piece speaks to me in a different way and I enjoy turning them into unique works of art.I make painted pin boards from ceiling tiles, I love to do encaustic wax art and I am famous for my creative square dance dresses.I am mostly self taught, but for the past 4 years I have been a part time distance student with The Learning Connexion. I will soon finish my Level 6 Diploma in Creativity.
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