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About me

My name is Aidan Lefebvre and I like doing Photography/Videography. Here is a list of my Portfolio below...Of Pageants and Fashion Shows. I have been covering Pageants and Fashion Shows since 2016 and working with 3 Top Designers (Bycarlosherrera, Chavez, and John Ablaza)

- Canada's Top Choice Pageant (2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019)

- Runway Canada Rehearsal 2018 & Runway Canada 2019

- 2019 CAFW (Canadian Asian Fashion Week)

- 2019 CDLC Glitz & Glamour Fashion Show (Christmas)

- 2018 America's Top Model and Talent Academy

- 2018 IFFC (International Fashion Festival Canada)

- 2018 Marty Awards

- 2018 WCOPA


I also like shooting Landscapes; Sunrise/Sunsets; Nature Shots; and Florals. 


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