Jules Frkovich

ARTIST STATEMENTAbstract art is an emotion painted onto canvas. Self expression through art. Creating beautiful art bringing color and joy to your world.

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Color Your World Abstract

Jules Frkovich is a Visual artist creating abstract fluid art and mixed media art and a jewelry designer based in Vancouver,  Canada.

Jules was born in Vancouver and has an Eastern European background of Croatian descent. She loves to travel the world, particularly to warm sunny beaches, places filled with great people, culture and lifestyle. She has always been fascinated with the art world, with abstract paintings in particular,  which she gets the most inspiration to create her jewelry line

JFG Designs Jewellery


She is a self taught artist and is inspired by vibrant colors, art, architecture, flowers, nature and unique shapes in our world. She has a dance background where she learned to move her body using her energy, emotions,  motion and movement, being fluid and flowing, creating a feeling of elation.

With having a passion for abstract art, she wanted to explore her God given talent in the art world, creating colourful fluid art work by using the technique called pour painting. She loves mixing vibrant acrylic colors together and pouring onto the canvas and then using different motions to move it around, then leaving it to flow on it's own.

You will never know the final  formation, it's an unexpected result, as it is always moving and evolving, shaping itself until dry, thus creating a beautiful painting of fluid art.

The final touches include gold or silver foil and completed with a resin varnish to give it that glossy shine.



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