How to add categories to your artsphere website

  1. Login to your artsphere website admin (refer to How to log in to your website)
  2. Click on the Categories item in the menu on the left hand side of your admin login.
  3. To create a new category you can either:
    1. : Duplicate an existing category for similar styled categories:
      1. To Duplicate a category, Double click on an existing category to copy
      2. Click on the blue Duplicate button (top right of screen) 
      3. Follow steps from Create Category steps 1-4 (below)
    2. Or click on the Create Category button on the top left (Green)
      1. Update the Title, Summary, Titlebar and the information to be included in the new category
      2. If you have an image for the category then you can drag the image from either your computer or from the media section into the "Linked Items" area.  You can also add the image by clicking on the button Add (yellow) under linked items, and select Hero Image, then select the image from the list if you have uploaded it already to your website (refer to Adding Artworks)
      3. If you wish to add the category to another category as a sub category, then click on "Categories" in the left menu drag the category into the "Linked Items" area of the category you wish it to be listed under.
      4. Once happy with the setup, click Go Live (green button on the top right of screen).  This saves the changes you have made.
  4. Check on the front end to make sure everything is as you wanted.


Video coming soon...

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