How to Add News Articles to your website

To add News Items to your website:

  1. Open up the menu under Content, and click on News Posts
  2. Click on the + (Create News Post) sign in the grey top bar 
  3. Enter the title and edit the date if required (defaults to todays date)
  4. Click on the blue button, Create & Edit
  5. Click on the design button on the Page Editor
  6.  Add Content
    1. In the Content block you can add images and text boxes by dragging the items from the black menu or by clicking on the + sign in the content area.
    2. Images can be selected from the site or dragged into the image box from your computer if they are not already on your site
    3. Text can be added and edited in a Text box.
  7. Once News Post is ready to go live on the website, click on the green Go Live button.  You can also save the page as a draft if you are not ready for the News Post to appear on the website (see Icons next to the Go Live button).
  8. News posts can be turned off so they do not appear on the live site by clicking on the News Post in the list (this will highlight it) and clicking on the pause button (disable) in the grey top bar.  To make the News Post live again follow the same steps (once you click on the News Post the Pause icon will change to a play icon).
  9. If the News Post is no longer required you can delete it by clicking on the News Post and click on the Trash Can in the Grey Top Bar.
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